South Carolina Tide Locations

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Airy Hall, Ashepoo River, SC
Allston Creek, Murrells Inlet, SC
Army Depot, SC
Arundel Plantation, SC
Ashepoo River At 17, SC
Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff, ICWW, SC
Back River Reservoir, West Branch, SC
Bacon Bridge, Ashley River, SC
Baileys Landing, Okatee River, SC
Battery Creek, SC
Beaufort, SC
Ben Sawyer Bridge, Iww, SC
Bennett's Dock, SC
Big Paradise Island, Wando River, SC
Black River (south of Dunbar), SC
Bloody Point, New River, SC
Bluff Islands, SC
Bluff Plantation, Combahee River, SC
Bluff Point, Wadmalaw River, SC
Bluffton, May River, SC
Bonneau Ferry, East Branch, SC
Bowles Island, New Chehaw River, SC
Braddock Point, Hilton Head Island, SC
Breach Inlet, SC
Brickyard Ferry, swing bridge, SC
Brickyard Point, Brickyard Creek, SC
Broad Creek, SC
Broad River Bridge, SC
Broughton Point, Hazzard Creek, SC
Brown Island, South Santee River, SC
Buck Hall, Awendaw Creek, SC
Bucksport, Waccamaw River, SC
Bull Creek, Bull Island South, Cooper River, SC
Bull Island, Summerhouse Creek, SC
Cainhoy, Wando River, SC
Calibogue Cay, Broad Creek, Hilton Head Island, SC
Callawassie Creek, Colleton River, SC
Callawassie Island Bridge, SC
Callawassie Island, south, Colleton River, SC
Cape Romain, SC
Cape Romain, 46 miles east of, SC
Capers Creek, Cowen Creek, St. Helena Island, SC
Capers Island, Trenchards Inlet, SC
Capt. Alex's Marina, Murrells, SC
Carr Creek, 1 mile above entrance, SC
Carter's Dock, Big Bay Creek, SC
Casino Creek, SC
Cedar Island Pt, South Santee R, SC
Cedar Island, North Santee Bay, SC
Charleston, SC
Chechessee Bluff, Chechessee R., SC
Cherry Grove, Inside, SC
Church Creek bridge, SC
Church Flats, Stono River, SC
Clambank Creek Dock, Goat Island, SC
Clarendon Plantation, SC
Clouter Creek, North, SC
Clouter Creek, South, SC
Club Bridge Creek ent., Trenchards Inlet, SC
Colleton River Entrance, SC
Combahee River At Us Hwy. 17, SC
Combination Bridge, SC
Conway, RR. bridge, SC
Cook Landing Cemetery, SC
Cosgrove Bridge, Ashley River, SC
Cowen Creek, Rt. 21 bridge, SC
Cuckolds Creek, SC
Cumberland, Sampit River, SC
Daufuskie Landing, New River, SC
Dawhoo Bridge, Dawhoo River, SC
Distant Island Creek, Upper End, SC
Distant Island, Cowen Creek, SC
Divine's Dock, Murrells Inlet, SC
Doughboy Island, SC
Drayton, Bees Ferry, Ashley River, SC
Duck Island, SC
Dunn Sound, Little River, SC
Dunn Sound, North, Little River, SC
Dunn Sound, west end, SC
Dupont, Dean Hall, Cooper R., SC
Eddings Point Creek, SC
Edisto Beach, Edisto Island, SC
Edisto Marina, Big Bay Creek, SC
Edisto River, South Of Canaday Landing, SC
Edisto River, South Of Penny Creek, SC
Elliott Cut Entrance, Stono River, SC
Enterprise Landing, SC
Euhaw Creek, 2.5 mi. above entrance, SC
Fenwick Island, South Edisto River, SC
Fields Cut, Wright River, SC
Fields Point, Combahee R., SC
Five Fathom Creek entrance, SC
Folly Island (outer coast), SC
Folly River Bridge, Folly River, SC
Folly River, North, SC
Fort Fremont, SC
Fort Johnson, SC
Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor, SC
Frazier Point, SC
French Quarter Creek, SC
Fripps Inlet, SC
Garden City Bridge, Murrells Inlet, SC
Garden City Pier, Murrells Inlet, SC
Gen. Dynamics Pier, Cooper R., SC
Georgetown, SC
Georgetown, Winyah Bay, SC
Good Hope Landing, south of, SC
Grahamville, SC
Greggs Landing, Mateeba Gardens, SC
Hagley, Waccamaw River, SC
Haig Point, Daufuskie Island, Cooper River, SC
Hamlin Creek, Isle of Palms, SC
Hamlin Sound, SC
Hanahan, Turkey Creek, SC
Harbor River Bridge, St. Helena Sound, SC
Harbor River entrance, SC
Hargray Pier, Daufuskie Island, SC
Highway 171 Bridge, Folly Creek, SC
Hog Inlet Pier, SC
Holly Grove Plantation, SC
Ho-non-wah Boyscout Camp, Bohicket Cr, SC
Hope Creek, SC
Horlbeck Creek, Wando River, SC
Hutchinson Island, SC
I-526 Bridge, Ashley River, SC
Isle of Palms Pier, SC
Jack Creek entrance, SC
Jacksonboro Camp, South Edisto River, SC
Jacobs Wharf, SC
James Island Creek, 1 mi. above ent., SC
Jamestown Bridge, Santee River, SC
Jenkins Creek, SC
Jenkins Creek, Polawana Island, SC
Johns Island, Church Creek, SC
Johnson's Creek, Harbor Island, SC
Keysfield, SC
Kiawah Bridge, Kiawah River, SC
Leadenwah Creek, SC
Limehouse Bridge, Stono River, SC
Litchfield Beach bridge, SC
Little River Neck, SC
Little River Town, Little R., SC
Lobeco, Whale Branch, Coosaw River, SC
Lower Toogoodoo Creek, SC
Lower Topsaw Landing, Pee Dee River, SC
Lucy Point Creek entrance, SC
Magnolia Gardens, SC
Marine Corps Air Station, Brickyard Creek, SC
Mc Clellanville, Jeremy Creek, SC
Mc Dermids Pier, Stono River, SC
Midway Inlet North, Pawleys Island, SC
Minim Creek, SC
Moores Landing, Sewee Bay, SC
Moreland Cemetery, SC
Mt. Pleasant Plant., Black R., SC
Musselboro Island, Mosquito Creek, SC
Myrtle Beach Airport, SC
N. Santee Bridge, N. Santee R., SC
New River, Route 170 Bridge, SC
Nixon Crossroads, Little River, SC
North Bull Island, May River, SC
North Dawson Landing, Coosawhatchie River, SC
North Dewee's Island, SC
North Myrtle Beach, SC
North Santee River Inlet, SC
Nowell Creek, SC
Oak Branch @ Bohicket Creek, SC
Oaks Cr. Inlet, Murrells Inlet, SC
Oaks Creek, Upper End, Murrells Inlet, SC
Ocella Creek, SC
Old Capers Landing, Capers Island, SC
Old Rice Mill, West Branch, SC
Otter Island, St. Helena Sound, SC
Park Island, Tom Point Creek, SC
Parris Island, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, SC
Pawleys Inlet, Wards Dock, SC
Pawleys Island Pier, Atlantic Ocean, SC
Penneys Creek W Entrance, Stono River, SC
Peters Point, St. Pierre Creek, SC
Pilot Island, West Branch Boyds Creek, SC
Pimlico, West Branch Cooper River, SC
Pinckney Island, Mackay Creek, Chechessee River, SC
Pine Island, Ramshorn Creek, SC
Pine Landing, South Edisto R., SC
Pitch Landing, SC
Pleasant Hill Landing, Santee River, SC
Point Of Pines, N. Edisto R., SC
Port Royal Pltn., Hilton Head, SC
Price Creek, North Capers Island, SC
Purrysburg Landing, Savannah River, SC
Quinby Bridge, Quinby Creek, SC
Rhems, Black Mingo Creek, Black River, SC
Ribaut Island, Skull Creek, SC
Richmond Plantation, E. Br. Cooper River, SC
Rockville, Bohicket Creek, SC
RR. Bridge, Hall Island, SC
Salt Creek At Rt. 21, SC
Sams Point, Lucy Point Creek, SC
Sandblasters, Penny's Creek, SC
Sandy Island North, Bull Cr., SC
Sandy Island, Thoroughfare Creek, SC
Savage I., Savage Creek, Bull Creek, SC
Seabrook, Ashepoo River, SC
Sheldon, Huspa Creek, SC
Shem Creek At 17, SC
Shipyard Creek, 0.8 mile above entrance., SC
Skull Creek South, SC
Smith's Dock, Murrells Inlet, SC
Snake Island, Stono River, SC
Snow Point, 0.4 Mile N Of, Cooper River, SC
Socastee Bridge, SC
South Ashley Bridge, Ashley River, SC
South Capers Island, SC
South Dewees Island, Dewees Inlet, SC
South Edisto River At Dawhoo River, SC
South Island Ferry, Winyah Bay, SC
South of Sam Worth Game Management Area, SC
Springmaid Pier, SC
Station Creek, SC
Station Creek, west end, SC
Steamboat Creek Landing, SC
Sullivans Island (outer coast), SC
Summerhouse Point, Bull River, SC
The Cove, Ft Moultrie, Charleston Harbor, SC
Toogoodoo Creek, SC
Tulifiny River, I-95 bridge, SC
Turnbridge Landing, Salt Water Creek, SC
U.s. Highway 17, Little Back River, SC
Us Highway 17, South Santee River, SC
Village Creek Cemetery, SC
Village Creek Entrance, SC
Waccamaw River Entrance, SC
Waccamaw River, S. Of Bull Cr., SC
Wachesaw Landing, SC
Wando River Entrance, Hobcaw Point, SC
Wappoo Creek, highway bridge, SC
Weymouth Plantation, SC
Whale Branch entrance, SC
Wiggins, Chehaw River, SC
Willtown Bluff, SC
Wimbee Creek, SC
Windsor Plantation, Black River, SC
Windsor Plantation, Russel Creek, SC
Winea Plantation, Black River, SC
Winyah Bay Entrance (South Jetty), SC
Winyah Bay, South Island Plantation, SC
Woodville, SC
Yauhannah Bridge, Pee Dee River, SC
Yeamans Hall, Goose Creek, SC
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