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Georgia Tide Locations

Choose a tide location in Georgia from the map or from the list below of all available locations.
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2.5 miles above mouth, GA
8 miles above mouth, GA
Allied Chemical Corp. docks, GA
Bailey Cut, Satilla River, GA
Barbour Island, Barbour Island River, GA
Beach Creek, GA
Beach Hammock, GA
Belfast, Belfast River, GA
Bellville Point, Sapelo River, GA
Below Spring Bluff, GA
Blackbeard Creek, Blackbeard Island, GA
Blackbeard Island, GA
Bradley Point, Bradley River, GA
Buffalo River entrance, GA
Bull Street, Savannah River, GA
Burnt Fort, GA
Cane Patch Creek entrance, GA
Ceylon, GA
Champney Island, South Altamaha River, GA
Coffee Bluff, Forest River, GA
Creighton Narrows Entrance, Crescent River, GA
Crispen Island, GA
Crooked River, Cumberland Dividings, GA
Cumberland Wharf, Cumberland River, GA
Dallas Bluff, Julienton River, GA
Darien, Darien River, GA
Daymark #135, South Newport River, GA
Daymark #156, Head Of Mud River, GA
Daymark #185, Rockdedundy River Entrance, GA
Dillard Creek, GA
Dog Hammock, Sapelo River, GA
Dover Bluff, Dover Creek, GA
Dungeness, Seacamp Dock, GA
Eagle Creek, Mud River, GA
Eagle Neck, South Newport River, GA
Egg Islands, GA
Florida Passage, Bear River, GA
Florida Passage, Ogeechee River, GA
Floyd Creek, 2.8 miles above entrance, GA
Fort Jackson, GA
Fort McAllister, Ogeechee River, GA
Fort Pulaski, GA
Frederica River, GA
Frederick River Bridge, GA
Halfmoon, Colonels Island, Timmons River, GA
Hampton River entrance, GA
Harrietts Bluff, Crooked River, GA
Harris Neck, Barbour Island River, GA
Highway bridge, Ogeechee River, GA
Highway bridge, South Brunswick River, GA
Howe Street Pier, Brunswick, GA
Hudson Creek entrance, GA
Isle of Hope, Skidaway River, GA
Jekyll Island Marina, Jekyll Creek, GA
Jointer Island, Jointer Creek, GA
Jones Creek entrance, Hampton River, GA
Kilkenny Club, Kilkenny Creek, GA
Kings Bay, GA
Mackay River (Daymark 239), GA
Mackay River, Icww, Buttermilk Sound, GA
North entrance, GA
North Newport River, GA
North Newport River (Daymark 119), GA
Old Tea Kettle Creek (Daymark 173), GA
Old Tower, Sapelo Island, Doboy Sound, GA
Pine Harbor, Sapelo River, GA
Port Wentworth, GA
Raccoon Key Spit, GA
Range A Light, Bear River, GA
Romerly Marsh Creek, GA
S.C.L. RR. bridge, GA
Savannah Sheraton Resort Hotel, GA
South Newport Cut, N. Newport River, GA
South Ossabaw Island, Bear River, GA
St. Marys Entrance, North Jetty, GA
St. Marys, St. Marys River, GA
St. Simons Sound Bar, GA
St.simons Island, GA
Sunbury, Sunbury Channel, GA
Thomas Landing, S. Newport River, GA
Threemile Cut entrance, Darien River, GA
Thunderbolt, GA
Todd Creek entrance, GA
Tybee Creek entrance, GA
Tybee Light, GA
Vernon View, Burnside River, GA
Walburg Creek entrance, GA
Wolf Island, south end, GA
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